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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Rx Security

In 1989, Rx Security designed, developed and introduced the first counterfeit-resistant prescription pads to the marketplace. 30 years later, we have continued to be in the top 3 direct-to-doctor suppliers for secure prescription pads. With a reach of over 100,000 clients across Canada and the United States, Rx Security has adapted to a modern market and ventured to include secure, Electronic Medical and Health Record (EMR/EHR) forms that are compatible with e-prescribing software and printers.

Security Features
All of Rx Security’s prescription forms have numerous security features which exceed Medicaid regulations. The security technology prevents reproduction and alteration of the original script thereby reducing fraud. Rx Security’s features include but, are not limited to: a “VOID” that appears on any reproduction, erasure-resistant background, security features box on back, micro-printed border, thermochromic ink and an artificial watermark.

MedChi members are eligible for discounts off Rx Security’s low pricing. Members can receive 10% off the product price. Our friendly live customer service is a key component in our production of high-quality products, as well as our fast set up and turnaround times.


  • Single Part Prescription Forms
  • Two-Part Prescription Forms
  • 8.5” X 11” EMR Printer Paper (Perforated & Non-Perforated)
  • 8.5” X 11” Secure Discharge Forms

Easy to order
Ordering is quick and simple for MedChi members.

Phone: 1-800-667-9723

Online: Order Now

If you have any questions or would like more information about our company or products, click here.