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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Board of Trustees

MedChi’s Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the operations of the organization within the policies established by MedChi’s House of Delegates.  The Board provides strategic direction and oversight for the organization and is chaired by the President.

The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include (but are not limited to):

  • Budget approval, prior to presentation and ratification by the House of Delegates
  • Appointment and oversight of the Chief Executive Officer
  • Oversight of MedChi’s financial reports and audits
  • Approval of committee appointments
  • Oversight and approval of lobbyists

Board meetings are held eight times per year.  The Board meets on the third Thursday of January, February, March, May, July, September, and November, and the Board holds an additional meeting immediately following the fall House of Delegates meeting to elect the Secretary and Treasurer and approve committee appointments.

Board members are expected to:


  • Review and keep handy the MedChi BOT Handbook
  • Serve on at least one committee or as an officer of a component society
  • Be a member of the Maryland Medical Political Action Committee
  • Attend a political event or fundraiser annually (either on behalf of MMPAC or on behalf of themselves)
  • Serve one day as First Aid Room Physician of the Day, attend a component legislative day, and/or testify on a bill on behalf of MedChi
  • Utilize the MedChi Agency or have them review insurance annually
  • Attend Board of Trustees and House of Delegates Meetings, as well as the President’s Gala
  • Annually recruit a new MedChi member successfully

2020-2021 Board of Trustees Members

To contact a Board of Trustee Member, please click here.

Shannon P. Pryor, M.D.
Chevy Chase, MD

Loralie D. Ma., M.D.
Fulton, MD

Immediate Past President
Michele Manahan, M.D.
Baltimore, MD

Speaker of the House
James J. York, M.D.
Millersville, MD

Vice Speaker of the House
Sarah A. Merritt, M.D.
Bowie, MD

AMA Delegation Representative
Harbhajan Ajrawat, M.D.
Greenbelt, MD

Anne Arundel County Trustee
Douglas S. Mitchell, M.D.
Hanover, MD

Baltimore City Trustee
Anuradha D. Reddy, M.D.
Ellicott City, MD

Baltimore County Trustee
Kevin Carr, M.D.
Lutherville, MD

Montgomery County Trustee
Carolyn B. O'Conor, M.D.
Rockville, MD

Prince George’s County Trustee
Jagdeep Singh, M.D.
Ellicott City, MD

Eastern Group Trustee
Rene Desmarais, M.D.
Salisbury, MD

Southern Group Trustee
Melvin S. Stern, M.D.
Highland, MD

Western Group Trustee
Aaron George, D.O.
Hagerstown, MD

Trustee at Large
Brooke M. Buckley, M.D.
Annapolis, MD

Trustee at Large
Padmini Ranasinghe, M.D.
Baltimore, MD

Specialty Society Trustee
J. Michael Niehoff, M.D. 
Baltimore, MD

IMG Section Trustee
Vasant Datta, M.D., C.M.D.
Hagerstown, MD

Resident & Fellow Section Trustee
Brian Marcoux, D.O.
Baltimore, MD

Student Section Trustee
Emily Daniels
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Chief Executive Officer
Gene M. Ransom, III
MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society
1211 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

1211 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201