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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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About MedChi

Welcome to MedChi (pronounced med-Ki), The Maryland State Medical Society.  As the statewide professional association for licensed physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients, and the public health.  We strive to accomplish our mission with these goals: 

  • Promote medical science and knowledge.
  • Enhance the physician-patient relationship.
  • Achieve the highest standards for medical education and medical ethics. 
  • Promote physician collegiality.
  • Secure universal access to health care.

MedChi’s House of Delegates includes member representation from each of MedChi’s component medical societies and Maryland’s medical specialty societies.  

MedChi's extensive physician services include the following:

  • Strong advocacy for patients and physicians on key legislative issues.
  • Comprehensive practice services.
  • Appropriate legal and financial resources for physicians.
  • Support and health services tailored for physicians.
  • Cutting-edge professional development programs.  

We are your advocate, your resource, and your profession. Together, we can improve healthcare for Maryland’s patients and physicians - today and for the future.