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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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MedChi House of Delegates


2018 Annual Meeting & Fall House of Delegates Meeting

Thank you to our members and guests who attended the 2018 Annual Meeting & Fall House of Delegates Meeting.  We were pleased to be joined by Clay Stamp, Executive Director of Maryland's Opioid Operational Command Center for an important discussion of the opioid crisis in Maryland.  Our members also enjoyed an analysis of MedChi's 2018 Physician Compensation Survey.  

Benjamin Z. Stallings II, MD, was installed as MedChi's 171st President, and Michele A. Manahan, MD, was elected to the office of President-elect.

Much important work was to set the legislative and regulatory priorities for MedChi, and we invite you to check back on this page later this week for a summary of the adopted reports and resolutions.  Other reports and presentations are posted below.

Reports & Resolutions

BOT Report 2-18 - 2019 Budget was adopted. (Full budget available upon request.)

BOT Report 3-18 - MedChi Strategic Planning was adopted. (Strategic planning background document available upon request.)

CL Report 1-18 - Review of 2018 Legislative Agenda was adopted.

TF Report 1-18 - Report of the Global Budgeting Task Force was adopted.

TF Report 2-18 - Report of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force was adopted.

Resolution 22-18 - Medicaid Prescription Drug Coverage - Non-Participating Practitioner was amended and adopted.

Resolution 23-18 - Patient Privacy Invasion by the Submission of Fully Identified Quality Measure Data to CMS was adopted.

Resolution 24-18 - Physician Office-Based Dispensing was adopted.

Resolution 25-18 - Legislation Prohibiting Non-Medical Switching of Prescription Drugs was amended and adopted.

Resolution 26-18 - Transparency by Physician Reviewers for Insurance Formularies was adopted.

Resolution 27-18 - Transparency of Pharmacy Benefit Managers was amended and adopted.

Resolution 28-18 - EMR Access Fees After Practice Closure or Physician Retirement or Death was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 29-18 - Study of Findings of MedChi Physician Compensation Study & Development of Action Plan was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 30-18 - Support for a Single-Payer System and AMA Task Force was amended and adopted.

Resolution 31-18 - Waiver of Buprenorphine Training for Physicians was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 32-18 - Expanding Opioid Use Disorder Treatments was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 33-18 - Medication-Assisted Treatment  in Prisons was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 34-18 - Supporting Pilot Programs of Overdose Prevention Sites in Maryland was adopted.

Resolution 35-18 - Ongoing Medical Support for Mothers and Babies Impacted by Opioid Exposure was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 36-18 - Coverage of Non-Opioid Therapies on Health Insurance Formularies was amended and adopted.

Resolution 37-18 - Adverse Actions by Institutions and Insurance Carriers was amended and adopted.

Resolution 38-18 - Expungement of the Public Reprimands and Probation on a Physician's Public Record was adopted.

Resolution 39-18 - Peer Review Findings in a Board of Physicians Investigation was adopted.

Resolution 40-18 - Medical Cannabis Recommenders was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 41-18 - Scope of Practice for Cannabis-Certifying Practitioners was referred to the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 42-18 - Opposing Arming Non-Security School  Personnel at Schools for Students in Pre-K to 12th Grade was adopted.

Resolution 43-18 - Clarifying the Relation Between Mental Health and Gun Violence was amended and adopted.

Resolution 44-18 - Opposing Child Separation from Caregivers was amended and adopted.

Resolution 45-18 - Lead Levels in Rental Properties was amended and adopted.

Resolution 46-18 - Delaying Fall House of Delegates Meeting was referred.

Resolution 47-18 - Preemption and Public Health was adopted.

Resolution 48-18 - Listing Methadone on the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program was referred.

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