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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as 
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public health.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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MedChi House of Delegates


Call to the House:
MedChi’s Spring House of Delegates
Virtual Meeting
April 25, 2021
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Monday, April 19 at 7:00 pm - Reference Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 22 at 7:00 pm - Zoom Practice and Q&A Session

Sunday, April 25 - House of Delegates Meeting

8:30 am      Log in, Information Sharing, and Networking

9:00 am      Ten Action Items to Combat Racial Bias in Medicine
                    CME Presentation by Paul G. Mathew, MD, DNBPAS, FAAN, FAHS, Asst. Prof. of Neurology, Harvard Medical School;
Neurology/Concussion Specialist; Mass General Brigham Health Care/Harvard Vanguard Medical
    Association and Jermone Lisk, MD, FAAN, Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in Movement Disorders; Neurology
    Director, Movement Disorders, Denton/Flower Mound, TX

10:00 am     House of Delegates Convenes

12:00 pm     Approximate Time of Adjournment  

Informational Reports

Reports and Resolutions to be Considered by the House of Delegates

BOT Report 1-21 - Report of the Building and Conservation Committee

IDEA Report 1-21 - Report of the Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment, and Advocacy Task Force

Resolution 1-21 - Pharmaceutical Advertising During COVID-19

Resolution 2-21 - Equal Patient Access to and Physician Payment for Remote Patient Monitoring Under Medical Assistance

Resolution 3-21 - Protections for Health Care Providers: Preventing Patient-Based Racism and Discrimination

Resolution 4-21 - Reevaluating "Non-lethal" Weapons Use in the Setting of Unarmed Crowds

Resolution 5-21 - Addressing the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine

Resolution 6-21 - Discouraging Use of Race-adjusted eGFR

Resolution 7-21 - Improving Health Care Access for ICE Detainees

Resolution 8-21 - Restrictive Convenants

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