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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as 
Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, 
their patients, and 
public health.

Thursday, May 23, 2024
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  • Harbhajan S. Ajrawat, MD
  • Thomas E. Allen, MD
  • George H. Bone, MD
  • Renee C. Bovelle, MD
  • J. Ramsay Farah, MD
  • Seth Y. Flagg, MD
  • Scott D. Hagaman, MD
  • David A. Hexter, MD (Treasurer)
  • Allan D. Jensen, MD
  • Benjamin H. Lowentritt, MD (MedChi President)
  • George S. Malouf, Jr, MD
  • R. Laurence Moss, MD
  • Neal J. Naff, MD
  • Stephen J. Rockower, MD (Chair)
  • Hiroshi Nakazawa, MD
  • Mark S. Seigel, MD
  • Bruce M. Smoller, MD
  • Joseph M. Snyder, MD
  • James J. York, MD (MedChi Past-President)

1211 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201