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Member Testimonials
  • In a career characterized by high-pressure life-altering decisions, demanding patients, outside intervention affecting daily practice, decreasing reimbursement, and a questionable future, it's nice to have a friend on your side.  MedChi and the Montgomery County Medical Society helps turn daily practice into a community affair that is working to benefit us.  As a subspecialist, not all activity of the society pertains to me, however, I have benefited greatly from new relationships, some of the programs developed, and a growing understanding of what it means to be a community physician in a changing medical landscape.

    Jordan Heffez, M.D. Retina Specialist, Montgomery County 
    MCMS Board Member and Co-Chair of the MCMS Young
    Physicians Committee
  • Today, as in the past, it is imperative that we work effectively and efficiently to insure that the healthcare we deliver is of the highest quality and easily accessible to the entire community.  MedChi is and has been a very effective and democratic way that we, as the medical community, have been able to achieve these goals.  Being part of this vibrant community of physicians has been a wonderful, rewarding part of my professional life for over three decades.

    Melvin S. Stern, M.D. Pediatrics, Howard County
    HCMS Executive Committee Member
  • The Maryland State Medical Society is a valuable organization that should have 100% participation from the state's physicians.  MedChi is largely responsible for the state's Medicaid reimbursement of 92%, helps secure all physician specialties from scope of practice infringement and safeguards patients from unqualified organizations trying to advertise themselves as medical physicians, and protects Maryland physicians from skyrocketing malpractice insurance.  With all the protections MedChi provides, the dues are a bargain.  It should not just be an obligation, but an honor for every physician in the state of Maryland to be a member of an organization that is always there to protect our ability to practice and our profession's integrity to serve.

    Benjamin Z. Stallings, M.D. Radiology, Prince George's County
    PGCMS Board Member and Past President
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