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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as 
Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, 
their patients, and 
public health.

Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Volunteer to serve on a MedChi Committee!

Browse the committee listing to find your special interest in organized medicine. Along the way you will be networking with colleagues and helping to strengthen the organization.  Even if you live far from Baltimore, you can still participate.  Committee meetings offer conference call capabilities. 

  • Help us be Your Advocate.
  • Help us be Your Resource.
  • Volunteer to work on issues that affect Your Profession.

To serve on a council or committee, you must sign MedChi's Conflict of Interest Policy statement. Contact Barbara Fitzgerald with any questions.

2022-2023 MedChi Councils & Committees


The Council on Bylaws is made up of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations Committee.  The committee drafts amendments to the bylaws and the rules of MedChi as needed or as directed by the House of Delegates or Board of Trustees.  It reviews, approves, disapproves, or alters amendments submitted to it by the component societies, councils, or House of Delegates.  The committee reports all amendments to the bylaws of MedChi to the House of Delegates with the call to session.  The committee also serves as an advisory committee on all matters pertaining to the Bylaws and Rules of MedChi.  (There is a specific requirement for geographic representation.)

Chair:  Gary W. Pushkin, M.D. / Staff:  Ashton DeLong, 410-878-9896

Bylaws, Rules & Regulations Committee
Chair:  Gary W. Pushkin, M.D. / Staff: Ashton DeLong, 410-878-9896


The function of the Council On Communications shall be to advise and guide the publications and communications efforts of MedChi.  The Council shall ensure that MedChi communications are consistent with the policies and strategies of MedChi and shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the Chief Executive Officer of MedChi so as to achieve those goals and otherwise maximize the performance and benefit to MedChi of all the publications and communications of MedChi.

Co-Chairs:  Bruce M. Smoller, M.D. and Stephen Rockower, M.D. / Staff:  Victoria Hecht, 410-878-9897


The Council on Legislation is made up of the Boards and Commissions Committee, the Health Insurance Committee, and the Public Health Committee.  The council and its subcommittees study and decide on MedChi's position on all health-related legislation submitted to the Maryland General Assembly.

Co-Chairs:  Clement Banda, M.D. and Kathleen Keeffe, M.D. / Staff:  Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599

Boards & Commissions Committee
Vice Chair:
  Lawrence Green, M.D. / Staff: Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599

   Health Insurance Committee 
   Vice Chair:  Anuradha Reddy, M.D. / Staff:  Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599

   Public Health Committee 
   Chair:  Kathleen Keeffe, M.D. / Staff:  Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599


The Council on Medical Economics provides advocacy services in both the private sector (payers) and the public sector (regulatory).  The council is made up of the Payer Relations Committee.

Co-Chairs:  Francisco A. Ward, D.O., and James Williams, D.O. / Staff:  Colleen George, 410-878-9698

   Payer Relations Committee
  Charles Samorodin, M.D. / Staff:  Colleen George, 410-878-9698, and Alyssa Mills, 410-878-9689


The Council on Medical Policy is made up of the Opioid, Pain, and Addiction Committee, Cannabis Committee, Ethics and Judicial Affairs Committee, and Public Health Committee.  The Ethics and Judicial Affairs Committee considers questions of medical ethics, especially as they relate to social policy issues, interprofessional relations, hospital relations, confidentiality, advertising, communications with the media, fees and charges, record practice matters and professional rights and responsibilities. The Public Health Committee identifies public health issues of importance and works with MedChi to develop policies and activities that address these issues, in order to enhance the health status of our community.  Areas of current concern are access to care, environmental issues, Maternal and Child Health, health promotion and diseases prevention and communicable diseases.

Co-Chairs:  David I. Safferman, M.D. and Ramani Peruvemba, M.D. / Staff:  Ashton DeLong, 410-878-9896 

Opioid, Pain, and Addiction Committee
Chair:  Sarah Merritt, M.D. / Staff:  Shayna Banfield, 410-878-9845

Cannabis Committee
Chair:  Patricia Frye, M.D. / Staff:  Gene Ransom, 410-878-9800, and Barbara Fitzgerald, 410-878-9891

Ethics and Judicial Affairs Committee  
Benjamin Stallings, M.D. / Staff:  Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599

Opioid Committee
Chair:  Gary Pushkin, M.D. / Staff:  Colleen George, 410-878-9698, and Shayna Banfield, 410-878-9845

Public Health Committee
  Kathleen Keeffe, M.D./ Staff:  Teresa Healey-Conway, 410-544-0312, and Ashton DeLong, 410-878-9896


The Council on Operations oversees and advises on issues related to the operations of MedChi.  The council consists of four committees.  The Continuing Medical Education Review Committee (CMERC) provides oversight, review and direction for the MedChi Accredited Provider Programs, which in turn is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  It provides accreditation, accreditation maintenance, program development, and assistance for continuing medical education programs of various organizations in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  The Committee On Scientific Activities (COSA) provides oversight, evaluation, and content validation for the jointly sponsored and directly sponsored CME programs of MedChi.  MedChi is accredited by ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.  The committee reviews all applications for jointly sponsored or directly sponsored CME programs.  The Finance Committee advises and counsels the Board of Trustees regarding MedChi's financial investment program and develops a budget for the organization.  The chairperson of the committee serves as the Treasurer of MedChi. 

Chair:  Eric Wargotz, M.D. / Staff:  Debbie Sciabarrasi, 410-878-9890

CME Review Committee (CMERC)
  Laurel G. Yap, M.D. / Staff:  Frank C. Berry, 410-878-9893

Committee on Scientific Activities (COSA)
  Steven F. Crawford, M.D. / Staff:  Frank C. Berry, 410-878-9893

Finance Committee
  Padmini Ranasinghe, M.D. / Staff:  Frank Scopelitti, 410-878-9905

Personnel & Compensation Committee
Padmini Ranasinghe, M.D. / Staff:  Debbie Sciabarrasi, 410-878-9890

COUNCIL ON IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment, and Advocacy)

The Council on IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment, and Advocacy) unites physicians in Maryland to promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and empowerment for all through advocacy in healthcare.  The council consists of two committees the IDEA Committee and the Gender Pay Equity Subcommittee.

Chair:  Michele Manahan, M.D. / Staff:  Catherine Johannesen, 410-878-9894

IDEA Committee
  Michele Manahan, M.D. / Staff:  Catherine Johannesen, 410-878-9894

Gender Pay Equity Subcommittee
  Carolyn O'Conor, M.D. / Staff:  Victoria Hecht, 410-878-9897


Global Budgeting Task Force
Chair:  Medical Policy Council Chairs / Staff: Ashton DeLong, 410-878-9896


Maryland Medical PAC (MMPAC)
Stephen Rockower, M.D. (Chair) and David A. Hexter, M.D. (Treasurer) / Staff:  Chip O'Neil, 410-878-9599

MedChi Insurance Agency
Benjamin Stallings, M.D. / Staff: Shelly Brouse, 443-449-2321

Alliance to MedChi

The mission of the Alliance is to partner with physicians to build healthy communities and support the family of medicine.  The Alliance is open to spouses of MedChi Member physicians, residents, and medical students.

President:  Bud Ranasinghe / Staff:  Gene Ransom, 410-878-9800

The Center for a Healthy Maryland

Formerly the MedChi Foundation, the Center was established in 1976 as an affiliate of MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society to promote and support the medical society's charitable, public health, and educational activities.  These activities help fulfill the medical society's mission to serve as the state's foremost advocate for physicians, their patients, and the public health.  Additionally, the Center works with the Alliance to MedChi to collaborate on activities that promote the goals of both organizations and in support of MedChi.

President:  Stephen J. Rockower, M.D. / Staff:  Debbie Sciabarrasi, 410-878-9890  

Development Committee
Chair:  Stephen Rockower, M.D. / Staff:  Meg Fairfax Fielding, 410-878-9840

Finance Committee
Jos W. Zebley, M.D. / Staff:  Debbie Sciabarrasi, 410-878-9890

Grants & Education Committee
Clement Banda, M.D. / Staff:  Shayna Banfield, 410-878-9845

History of Medicine Committee
Allan D. Jensen, M.D., and Loralie Ma, M.D. / Staff:  Meg Fairfax Fielding, 410-878-9840

Physician Health Committee
  Daniel Nyhan, M.D. / Staff:  Margaret Kroen, 443-449-2294

Physician Health Oversight Committee
Thomas E. Allen, M.D./Staff:  Margaret Kroen, 443-449-2294

1211 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201