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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Patient/Public Resources

Maryland Resources

  • 2017 Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule
    To view the schedule put together by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    , please click here.



  • 2015 Joint Chairman's Report on State-level Initiatives Addressing Childhood Obesity
    To view the full report, please click here.

  • Advance Directives Information
    Everyone over the age of 18 should think about their values and treatment preferences to guide future medical decisions about their care. This includes appointing a health care agent. Start the conversation with loved ones and treating providers – open, honest, and proactive advance care planning conversations that occur before hospitalization or serious illness help ensure you get the care you want. Refer to the Advance Directives Information Sheet to learn more about the value of advance care planning and options for documenting personal treatment preferences in an electronic advance directive.

  • Implementation of Preauthorization Phase 1 Benchmark
    Maryland law1 requires the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) to work with State regulated payers (payers), pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and providers to attain benchmarks for standardizing and automating the preauthorization of medical and pharmacy services through a phased approach. Phase 1 requires payers and PBMs to include on their website lists of medical and pharmaceutical services requiring preauthorization and key criteria for making a determination on a preauthorization request on or before October 1, 2012.  Click here for more information.

  • Do you need health insurance?
    Maryland Health Connection is an online shop to compare and enroll in health and dental plans.  Plus, it’s the only place to get financial help to lower the cost of your health plan.
    You may be able to sign up now if you have recently experienced a qualifying event, like having a baby or losing other health coverage. You may also sign up now if you’re eligible for Medicaid, which is free or low-cost health coverage. Otherwise, open enrollment to sign up for a health plan happens every fall. 
    Contact your doctor’s office before enrolling in a new health plan to make sure they will accept the new plan.
    To enroll or learn more, including where to get free in-person help near you, visit or download the Enroll MHC mobile app.
  • Medicaid Coverage
    Medicaid recipients must renew their eligibility once every 12 months.  This process is also known as getting a “redetermination”.  Renewals for most Medicaid recipients will now be processed in Maryland Health Connection.  Recipients who must renew their eligibility using Maryland Health Connection will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to renew their benefits.

    To see the steps for renewing Medicaid, please click here.

MedChi Resources 

  • Fail-First Step Therapy
    What healthcare professionals should know about recent changes in Maryland healthcare law.  For more information, please click here.
  • Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment to buy, change, or renew a qualified health plan will begin November 1.  Until November 1, an individual may purchase or change a health plan if he
    or she has experienced “life-changing events” or other qualifying circumstances.  Please remember that Medicaid enrollment is year-round, and Medicaid-eligible Marylanders may start their coverage immediately. Marylanders who are enrolled in Medicaid must renew their Medicaid coverage once a year through the Maryland Health Connection.

    For more information, please click here.

  • Questions to Ask at Your Next Medical Appointment
    Click here to view a list of 10 important questions you should remember to ask at your next medical appointment.

  • Scope of Practice


Children & Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence awareness month fact sheet.  To view, please click here.

Disability Information and Resources

  • Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
    In 1968, the State of Maryland established the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in downtown Baltimore.  As a network library of the National Library Service, LBPH patrons can access reading materials, an assistive technology lab, magnification and stability tools, and over 20 staff members dedicated to the library’s community. LBPH is a division of the Maryland State Library.

    To see what services the library offers, please click here.

  • Novoresume Career Guide for People With Disabilities
    A disability doesn’t prevent you from having the job of your dreams. The job market accommodates people with a wide range of qualifications, passions, talents, and abilities. Opportunities can be found in all fields: nursing, business, media, technology, law, social sciences – you name it. There are people with disabilities working in almost all industries.  For more information on what  you need to know about navigating the pathway to employment as an individual with a disability, please click here.

  • was created to help people make truly better decisions by clearly laying out their options with content topics spearheaded by leading industry professionals.  Because of their unbiased approach, they have been a trusted source for government entities and organizations throughout the US.  They are also proud to be one of Google’s Experts!  Many publications and businesses already use their guides as resources for their readers.

    The people who created recently researched and published a guide and tool to help people understand social security disability benefits.  In the course of their research, they found that most people who have become or already living with disabilities were not fully aware of the benefits and resources that are available for them.  This guide will not only answer common questions, such as how to qualify for but also features a calculator that can help estimate monthly and annual benefits.


Drug Addiction Resources

When you realize you are suffering from an opioid addiction, it is important to reach out to others and not to feel that you are alone in your recovery process.  Click here to learn more.

There are a ton of social networking websites but one stands apart for a very special reason----this one saves lives. It’s links organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants. In the U.S. 22 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Most of them for kidneys. If you've ever considered becoming a living organ donor or if you are someone in need of an organ transplant, visit, home of the greatest gift of all…the gift of life.

Medicare Counseling

Consumer Protection Division’s Health Advocacy Hotline: 410-528-1840

Medicare Counseling is provided through State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Counselors.

Helping seniors age 65 and older, as well as, younger individuals who have Medicare due to disability  to understand their Medicare benefits and the insurances associated with Medicare. In addition, SHIP counselors assist Medicare beneficiaries to assess if they are eligible for financial programs, which assist with the costs of Medicare and their prescriptions.

Trained SHIP volunteers provide free, unbiased, confidential, one-on-one counseling by phone (in person during the Fall Part D Open Enrollment) to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. Topics typically discussed include the following: Original Medicare,  Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Extra Help, Medigap Supplemental Plans (Medigaps), Medicare Health Plans (Medicare Advantage Plans - HMOs and PPOs), Medical Assistance, Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries - QMB , Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiaries - SLMB, Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program, Long Term Care Insurance and other related issues. To speak with a counselor, please call 410-887-2059.

"Transitioning to Medicare" presentations are held on a monthly rotating basis at Baltimore County Libraries to educate new Medicare beneficiaries about their benefit. Please call the SHIP office at 410-887-2059 to RSVP for the presentations, which are held from 6 to 8 p.m.

PTSD Screening Tool

Thanks to a collaboration with the Indiana State Medical Association and their Alliance, MedChi and the Alliance to MedChi are proud to provide a tool for dealing with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.  The screening tool will assist patients in diagnosing, treating and getting help for stress disorders.  To view a letter from MedChi President, Murray A. Kalish, M.D., M.B.A., please click here.  To view the PTSD screening tool, please click here 

Social Security Administration

See how Social Security is there for you throughout every stage of your life. Securing today and tomorrow.  Click here for more information.


Students and Recent Graduates

  • Healthcare Guide for Students and Recent Grads
    At we host a number of college planning, academic, and financial resources for students and graduates.  The Independent Student's Guide to Healthcare offers valuable information for students living independently for the first time and for recent grads entering the workforce.

    Taking responsibility for healthcare is a daunting but necessary step for young adults. The task is even more intimidating for the 18% of young adults who aren't able to rely on their parents for health insurance.  Our guide breaks down the vast amount of information into easily digestible sections to help young adults find affordable health insurance and get the care they need.  The sections include: 
  • Student coverage basics
  • Plans for recent grads and special-status students
  • Strategies for managing health expenses
  • Additional resources

     The complete guide can be found by clicking here.

  • Scholarships Dedicated to Minority Students
    Zippia compiled a list of 30 great scholarships for minority students to apply for that will help eliminate some upper education costs.  With most of these scholarships only requiring an essay or two, you should apply to as many as you can. These scholarships are readily available.

    For a full list of scholarships, please click here.

  • Tackling Substance Abuse Among College Students


Veteran Resources


  • Help for Homeless Veterans
    We can all do something to end Veteran homelessness.  Spread the word to let Veterans know that a single call can connect them with the services they have earned.  For more information, please click here

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