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Friday, May 26, 2017
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Law and Advocacy

The Law and Advocacy Division serves as an information and advocacy conduit to and from members on matters of legal, legislative, and regulatory concern to Maryland physicians and analyzes public policy issues affecting physicians and health care.  The Division ensures that members are kept informed of legal and regulatory changes affecting the practice of medicine and spearheads advocacy efforts directed at government agencies and business entities regarding developments in these areas.  In addition, the attorneys assigned to the Division provide general legal services to MedChi.

Information Center

The Information Center is a telephone-based resource for member questions regarding all facets of the practice of medicine.  Staff of the Law and Advocacy Division provide information to MedChi members regarding topics such as medical records release and security, physician licensure, and managed care challenges.  You can reach the Information Center at info@medchi.org or at 410-539-0872, ext. 3319.

Legislative Office

The Legislative Office, located close to the Maryland State House in downtown Annapolis, coordinates MedChi's legislative activities, working closely with MedChi's lobbying team and and physician activists to ensure that the voice of MedChi and Maryland physicians is heard in the General Assembly.  The Legislative Office produces a weekly Legislative Update while the legislature is in session, arranges for physician testimony on bills, and staffs the meetings of the MedChi Legislative Committee.  Reach the legislative office by e-mail or by phone at  410-539-0872 ext. 6001. 

Support MedChi's legislative efforts through the Maryland Medical PAC.