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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  
As the statewide professional association for licensed 
physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as 
Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, 
their patients, and 
public health.

Friday, September 25, 2020
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Physician Profiles

Jay Jalisi, M.D. (District 10)

Delegate Jay Jalisi, M.D. of the 10th Legislative District is seeking reelection in the Maryland House of Delegates and is a longtime supporter of MedChi’s issues. 

Terri Hill, M.D. (District 12)

Delegate Terri Hill is a MedChi member who represents District 12A, which includes portions of Howard and Baltimore County, in the Maryland House of Delegates. Terri serves on the Health and Government Operations Committee.  To learn more about Delegate Terri Hill, you may visit her website.

Clarence Lam, M.D. MPH. (District 12)

MedChi member Clarence Lam, M.D. is running as part of the District 12 Team with Delegates Eric Ebersole and Terri Hill.  Dr. Lam was elected to represent Maryland’s 12th Legislative District in 2014.  He currently serves on the House Appropriations committee, where he is assigned to the Health and Human Services Subcommittee and Oversight Committee on Pensions.  To learn more about Dr. Lam’s campaign, visit his website.

Paul Manicone, M.D. (District 23B)

Dr. Manicone is a Prince George’s County resident with over 13 years of experience working with hospitalized children at Children’s National Health System in Washington D.C. His focus is on passing legislation that would deter and eventually end gun violence, improve mental health resources, and expanding healthcare coverage through a state based health market. For more information about Dr. Manicone, you may visit his website.

Richard Bruno, M.D. (District 41)

Dr. Bruno is running in the embattled 41st district that has multiple open seats. His focus is on healthcare, education, empowering families, and reducing violence. He is a primary care physician who serves Baltimore patients in and around his northern Baltimore district. Learn more about Dr. Bruno’s campaign on his website.

Tim Robinson, M.D. (Distict 42B)

A community activist, Tim is also a 27 year member of the Pot Spring Community Association and a 23 year member of the local PTA. Tim loves Maryland and wants to have the opportunity to give back to his community by serving in the Maryland House of Delegates. During his medical career, Tim served his patients and their families. He now asks for your support as he seeks to serve his community in the Maryland State House of Delegates. For more information, you may visit his 

Nilesh Kalyanaraman, M.D. (District 43)

Nilesh is running for State Delegate in District 43. Nilesh has spent his career advocating for universal health care, addictions care, affordable housing, employment for ex-offenders and increased funding for Baltimore City schools.   For more information, please visit his website.