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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Greenspring Wealth Management

Greenspring Wealth Management is a fee-only advisory firm which means that, unlike most advisors – a) they do not receive any commissions or kickbacks,  b) they give advice but do not sell any investment or insurance products, and c) they legally must do what is in their clients’ best interests.

By advising many physicians across the country (including retirement plans), Greenspring has developed an expertise working with physicians.  Click here to read a six-page white paper with a variety of tips and suggestions geared specifically for physicians.  Below is the Executive Summary:

1. Avoid the biggest mistakes, and you’ll be ahead of many doctors I meet.
2. Minimize taxes with sensible strategies and the proper types of investment accounts.
3. To protect your assets from creditors, a few simple steps can help.
4. Get the insurance you need – nothing more and nothing less.
5. Consider evidence-based investing when building a diversified portfolio.

Visit www.greenspringwealth.com to learn more.