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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Health Workforce Mapper

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper illustrates the distribution of physicians and nonphysician clinicians by specialty, state, county, or metropolitan areas.  The AMA Health Workforce Mapper provides a useful visual tool to demonstrate to law or policy-makers the geographic distribution of the healthcare workforce in a given state or nationally, to assist them in making appropriate, evidence-based decisions.

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper allows the user to build a rich display of factors relevant to the health care workforce.  Users can layer geographic and health policy data such as hospital locations or health professional shortage areas, population indicators, landmarks and other topographical features.  The user can also display the ratio of physician or nonphysician clinician to population in any given region or nationally.  The AMA Health Workforce Mapper can be used to distinguish possible areas of both deficiency and overlap, and to identify high-priority areas for workforce expansion.

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