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Welcome to MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society.  As the statewide professional association for licensed physicians, we are dedicated to our mission to serve as Maryland's foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients, and the public health

Saturday, January 25, 2020
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CRISP Services

Last Updated: October 25, 2019


CRISP is Maryland’s Statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE).  An HIE is the technology that supports the flow of health information among physician practices, hospital labs, radiology centers, and other health care institutions.  HIE allows delivery of the right health information to the right place at the right time, providing safer, more timely, efficient, patient-centered care.

CRISP offers many services to physicians including the following:

  • Encounter Notification System (ENS) – Keeping You Connected to Your Patients - CRISP is now offering a service which enables physicians to receive real-time alerts when a patient is hospitalized.  The service is offered in partnership with all Maryland hospitals at no cost to ambulatory providers.
  • Connect to the CRISP Portal - Connect.  Share.  Improve Patient Care.
  • CRISP Direct Messaging - CRISP DIRECT Messaging is a secure and encrypted email service that supports electronic communication between physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers.
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) – The PDMP monitors the prescribing and dispensing of drugs that contain controlled dangerous substances (CDS).

Please contact Colleen George from the Center for the Private Practice of Medicine at 800-492-1056 ext. 3360 for assistance with signing up for any of the FREE CRISP Services for Physicians.

Medicare CCLF Data Available Through CRISP

In support of state-wide Care Redesign initiatives, CRISP is making available the Medicare Claim and Claim Line Feed (CCLF) data to Maryland hospitals. CCLF data contain Medicare fee-for-service beneficiary claims for Maryland residents with a hospitalization within the past three years. The data contains Parts A, B and D claims including demographics, diagnoses, services received and payments. Hospitals that signed up for the first performance period of the HCIP and CCIP Care Redesign Programs will be able to see both summary and patient identifiable data. Those hospitals that did not sign up for the first performance period will still be able to see summary level data, but not identifiable data. 

Accessing the CRISP Medicare CCLF Data

Beginning on September 27th, you may access the CRISP Medicare CCLF data through the CRS Portal at After logging in, you will see a new card named 'Medicare CCLF Data.' Click on this card to open the suite of Medicare CCLF Reports.

CRISP will also be making available a comprehensive Medicare CCLF User Guide. If you have other questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to CRISP at

**New ** Thank you for utilizing CRISP Reporting Services. We would like to give our users the opportunity to give us feedback on their experience using the CRS reporting portfolio via a user engagement survey. Your feedback helps us create a better experience for you and all of our users.

Below is a survey monkey link to the aforementioned CRS user engagement survey. This concise survey is only a few questions long and should only take 5 minutes to complete fully. While simply checking the bubbles on each multiple choice response is all our team needs to gain valuable feedback, the more detailed you can be in your free responses the more impactful our team will be in making improvements to the utility, ease of use and efficiency of our reporting interface.  Please click here for the survey.

The survey will be open from September 30th to October 28th. Thank you in advance for your willingness to provide us with your feedback. If you have any questions or experience any errors with the survey, please contact Grace Kaeding at for support. 

CRS Product Release Summary - September 2019

Medicare Reports Updates - September 2019

The following reports have been updated with July Claims data on September 13th:

  • Maryland Primary Care Program Reports (MDPCP)
  • CCLF Medicare Analytic & Data Engine (MADE)
  • MADE ECIP View

Medicare Performance Adjustment (MPA) Monitoring Report

MPA Monitoring Reports have been refreshed with April'19 (paid through July'19) data.

Based on user feedback the MPA attributed physician’s NPI is now included with the provider name.

The Population Health Module for Diabetes Report has been added to the MPA Year 2 Blue Card.  This view allows hospitals to evaluate care for their MPA attributed diabetes population along a number of dimensions. This module is being released as a pilot to assist hospitals with evaluating care in a chronic population.  Depending on the feedback we could expand this reporting in the future.  However, there are no reimbursement implications associated with this report and none of the specific values reported are being incorporated into any HSCRC methodologies.  This report is purely provided as an additional analytic tool for hospitals, for use at their discretion, in managing total cost of care.

We will be offering an introduction on this view as par to the PQI report training on September 24, 2019 from 2:30-4:30. To Register in advance for this meeting, please click here.

Casemix Reports Update - September 2019

HSCRC Regulatory Reports:

Readmission Report - RY21 June Prelim static report with Casemix CY19 January - July Prelim data has been posted on September 13th.  The Readmission Tableau dashboards have be updated with CY19 January - July Prelim data (RY21 Logic) on September 13th.

MHAC Reports - RY21 June Prelim report with Casemix CY19 January - July Prelim data has been posted on September 13th.

QBR Scoring Report - RY20 Quarterly QBR Scoring Report has been refreshed on September 13th. HSCRC and CRISP have published the final quarterly RY2020 QBR Scoring report, which presents scores with full base period CY16 and full performance data CY17 Quarter 4- CY18 Quarter 3.

Transfers Report - Transfer Reports - CY18 Q1-3 Reports have been updated with 2016 cost weight

Potentially Avoidable Utilization (PAU) - RY21 July Prelim Detail Level reports with Casemix CY19 January - July Prelim data has been updated September 13th.

Avoidable Admissions Report - CRISP expects to release a Tableau Report called “Avoidable Admissions” on September 20th. This regulatory report will be used to generate the preventable quality indicator values that will be used as part of the Potentially Avoidable Utilization (PAU) Savings policy implemented by HSCRC. A static excel summary report will be available in future months. With the new files being released, HSCRC anticipates ending the production of the current PAU summary and details files in future months. To help orient users to the new report, CRISP will be hosting a webinar on the Avoidable Admission Report September 24, 2019 from 2:30-4:30. To Register in advance for this meeting, please click here.

Attached in the links below is a document listing the publication dates and product directory for CRISP Reporting Services in 2019. 

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