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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Evergreen Claims

In August, Maryland Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer petitioned the Baltimore City Circuit Court to place Evergreen Health into receivership.  MedChi wrote a letter to Commissioner Redmer outlining the concerns of the potential impact Evergreen’s receivership would have on physicians’ willingness to serve the Medicaid population.  MedChi asked the administration to be especially diligent in overseeing the receivership and rehabilitation process to ensure that physician claims are being paid as expeditiously as possible. 

Given this circumstance, please remember that if your patients are covered by Evergreen, you are still obligated to treat those patients, unless your contract with Evergreen has expired.  If Evergreen is not reimbursing you for your services, you can file a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration.  Please see below for sample language.