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Friday, April 03, 2020
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Committee on Scientific Activities (COSA)

Committee Structure

The Committee on Scientific Activity is a committee of the MedChi Operations Council.  COSA is made up of a chairperson who is appointed by the President of MedChi and additional volunteer physician members.  The MedChi Chief of Staff and an appointed staff member of the MedChi Department of CPD (DCPD) also serve on COSA.    The committee works with DCME staff to accredit direct and joint sponsorship while ensuring that the criteria and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) are adhered to and abided by at all times.  COSA reports on its activities to the Operations Council regularly, at least 3 weeks prior to each meeting of MedChi’s Board of Trustees.

Qualifications for COSA Membership

A COSA member should be familiar with MedChi’s, the ACCME’s and the AMA’s policies regarding the accreditation of direct and jointly sponsored activities, the Standards for Commercial Support, and the ACCME's criteria.  Knowledge of these policies and regulations will enable the COSA member to review applications for direct or joint sponsorship and render decisions regarding the appropriateness of the activity for CME, the validity of the content, the qualifications of the faculty/presenters, the appropriateness of the agenda and learning method/educational format for the topic, and whether there may be a conflict of interest that needs to be addressed.  Ultimately, the COSA member decides whether or not to approve an activity for accreditation.

Expectations of COSA Members

  • Demonstrate a willingness to support the policies of MedChi, the ACCME and the AMA regarding the accreditation of CME.  Ability to provide thoughtful and non-biased review of direct and joint sponsorship applications and return grader review forms within the requested deadlines.
  • Commitment to attend, either in person or via teleconference, 4 quarterly meetings each year.
  • Ability to communicate with the MedChi DCPD staff via email and telephone.
  • Willingness to keep their knowledge base current regarding the accreditation and CME processes, through continuing education, both self-directed and formal.

For questions or assistance please contact Frank C. Berry, MedChi's Director of the Department of Continuing Professional Development, at 410 539-0872, ext. 3307.