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Continuing Medical Education Review Committee (CMERC)

Committee Structure

The Continuing Medical Education Review Committee (CMERC) is a committee of the MedChi Operations Council.  CMERC is made up of eight volunteer physicians and a chairperson appointed by the President of MedChi, all of whom must be current members in good standing of MedChi.  The MedChi Chief of Staff and the Director of the Department of Continuing Professional Development Department (DCPD) also serve as members of CMERC.  The committee works with the MedChi DCPD staff to administer the Medchi Accredited Provider System (MAP System).  CMERC reports on its activities to the Operations Council on a regular basis, at least 3 weeks prior to each meeting of the MedChi Board of Trustees.

Qualifications for CMERC Appointment

A CMERC appointee should be knowledgeable and experienced with regard to the philosophy and process of continuing medical education and be well versed in the requirements of the MAP System, the ACCME, the AMA, and MedChi for the accreditation of CME providers. Enabling them to:

  • Integrate, review and interpret data and information about an accreditation applicant which has been acquired through the self-study report, site survey, activity and document reviews, interim reports and annual report, as well as the overall monitoring process.
  • Participate in self study reviews, site surveys, activity reviews and activity documentation reviews and prepare reports and recommendations for full CMERC review and consideration.
  • Carry out re-considerations of previous unfavorable accreditation decisions.
  • Draft and present an accreditation decision recommendation for consideration by the full CMERC for discussion and final decision.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding Interim Reports by MAP System providers.

Role and Responsibility

CMERC shall consider and advise on continuing medical education matters.  CMERC is responsible for the overall maintenance and administrative oversight of the MedChi Accredited Provider System (MAP System).  CMERC collects, reviews, and analyzes data from multiple sources regarding the compliance of system providers to the essential areas and their criteria, the Standards for Commercial Support and the policies of the ACCME, AMA, and MedChi governing aspects of continuing medical education.  CMERC uses the information collected to make decisions regarding provider accreditation, recognize program improvements, and identify deficiencies within programs in order to guide a provider’s program toward excellence.  CMERC members act in concert with surveyors to conduct reviews of qualified institutions requesting accreditation or re-accreditation.  CMERC provides the MedChi Department of CME with policy support and recommendations regarding MAP System program administration. CMERC reports its activities to the Operations Council of the MedChi Board of Trustees. 

Expectations for CMERC members 

Knowledge of the continuing medical education accreditation process derived from experience in the CME field through direct involvement in CME and from skills developed through education, both formal and self directed, regarding continuing medical education and accreditation.

  • The willingness to keep their knowledge base current regarding the accreditation and continuing medical education processes through continuing education, both self directed and formal.
  • Demonstrated willingness to support the policies of the MAP System, MedChi, the ACCME and the AMA regarding the accreditation of CME.
  • Meets the eligibility requirements for a MAP System surveyor.
  • Willingness to do surveys and reviews and return completed reports, forms and summaries within the requested deadlines.
  • The ability to provide thoughtful non-biased reviews of applications, reports and other materials in advance of meetings.
  • Willingness to serve without compensation for other than direct travel expenses.
  • Commitment to attend, either in person or via teleconference, no fewer than 2 of the 4 quarterly meetings each year.
  • Abide by the policies and procedures of MedChi regarding disclosure and conflict of interest.
  • Abide by MedChi’s policy regarding confidentiality.
  • Willingness to reply to meeting notices in a timely fashion.
  • Abide by MedChi Travel and Reimbursement policies.

For questions or assistance contact Frank C. Berry, Director of MedChi's Department of Continuing Professional Development at 410 539-0872, ext. 3307.