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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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MedChi's Vendor Resources Program

Welcome to MedChi's Vendor Resources Program. An important part of MedChi's mission is to serve as a resource for Maryland's physicians. To this end, we strive to connect our members with quality products and services that help improve their professional environment and ultimately benefit their patients.  

To Our Members:
We encourage you to explore our vendors and consider their products and services as you research options for your practice and beyond. Please view the menu on the bottom left for a list of our vendors.

Although MedChi cannot endorse any company, we fervently strive to maintain relationships with vendors of only the highest integrity. We hope that you agree, and we welcome your feedback on any vendor with whom you connect.

To Our Vendors:
As the only professional society in Maryland representing all physicians, MedChi is uniquely positioned to provide wide-ranging visibility to our supporters. If you are interested in working with MedChi to provide resources to our members and beyond, please
 click here to view our 2018 Prospectus, or contact Catherine Johannesen by email or by phone 800.492.1056 ext. 3308.  

New! MedChi is pleased to welcome our newest participants in the MedChi Vendor Resources Program!  Click on the logos below for more details.

Hello fellow physicians and MedChi members,

Allow me to share a brief introduction… Chesapeake IPA (CIPA) is a Maryland state independent physician network—one of the firsts in the state.  Our mission aligns well with that of MedChi—differentiated by a focus on keeping our members independent and thriving amid healthcare reforms from “volume to value.”  In addition to my role as Co-Chair of CIPA, a number of MedChi members serve in our leadership as Board members and Medical Directors.

Chesapeake IPA is primary care-led.  We work closely with our member practices to deliver better health and better care at a lower cost for the patients served, and hence, they can be rewarded appropriately and financially under today’s value-based payment model.  We do so with critical risk and operating support from our MSO (Management Services Organization) partner, Collaborative Health Systems.  This includes population health know-how, tools and services to improve quality and efficiency under Medicare and commercial ACO contracts, including those by CareFirst, United, Aetna and Cigna.

Today, Chesapeake IPA’s membership includes more than 170 primary care providers in Maryland. We welcome “like-minded” specialists and acute and post-acute care providers to participate in the IPA and work together to better care for patients in a value-based payment era.

Here are some of the costs and benefits participating member practices can expect:

  • Keeping your TIN and independence
  • Increased revenue potential with commercial health plans and CMS
  • MSO support in payer contracting, care coordination, analytics, technology and risk management
  • Introductory (temporary) membership fee of $1
  • Flexibility to opt-in/out of IPA-negotiated contracts
  • Flexibility to keep and utilize your existing EMR
  • Opportunity to become co-owners of IPA

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more.  You may also reach out to our IPA development team, Paul Walker at Paul.Walker@UniversalAmerican.com, mobile (678) 938-9006 or Ashleigh Majdeski at Ashleigh.Majdeski@UniversalAmerican.com, mobile (317) 690-1844.

We welcome you to join us in this value-based journey and look forward to working together.

Warm regards,

Vinu Ganti


Co-Chair, Chesapeake IPA

MedChi Member

Web – www.proximalllc.com

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/3044345/

Face Book - www.facebook.com/ProximalLLC/

Proximal is a leading provider of medical billing, coding, claims processing, accounts receivable and collection agency services. Our services have increased the profitability, office productivity and efficiency of doctors’ offices that are working to remain solvent in today’s constantly changing, highly regulated medical delivery and reimbursement environment.

A partnership with Proximal allows a practice to focus all of their resources, time and attention on what they do best, care for patients. We have the staff and technology expertise to integrate patient billing, accounts receivables, and collections.

As a subsidiary of Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore, we truly understand the operations of a practice.  As a partner of Proximal, we ensure your practice is earning the maximum amount of revenue and staying current on all issue related to the business of running your practice. 

Contact Proximal today:
Brian Leibknecht | bliebknecht@pccabpa.com | 443-864-8115
Amy Thomas | athomas@pccabpa.com | 410-937-7672

Greenspring Wealth Management is a fee-only advisory firm which means that, unlike most advisors – a) they do not receive any commissions or kickbacks,  b) they give advice but do not sell any investment or insurance products, and c) they legally must do what is in their clients’ best interests.

By advising many physicians across the country (including retirement plans), Greenspring has developed an expertise working with physicians.  Click here to read a six-page white paper with a variety of tips and suggestions geared specifically for physicians.  Below is the Executive Summary:

1. Avoid the biggest mistakes, and you’ll be ahead of many doctors I meet.
2. Minimize taxes with sensible strategies and the proper types of investment accounts.
3. To protect your assets from creditors, a few simple steps can help.
4. Get the insurance you need – nothing more and nothing less.
5. Consider evidence-based investing when building a diversified portfolio.

Visit www.greenspringwealth.com to learn more.