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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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2018 Interim Meeting & Spring House of Delegates Meeting

Thank you to all those who attended
MedChi's 2018 Interim Meeting & Spring House of Delegates Meeting
Sunday, April 29, 2018

Informational Reports

Memorial Resolutions


Reports and Resolutions Adopted by the House of Delegates

BOT Report 1-18 - Assistant Physicians (Follow up on Resolution 22-17)
Bylaws Report 1-18 - Elections to Fill Vacancies
Resolution 1-18 - Gender Discrimination in Income
Resolution 3-18 - Community Physician Practices and Global Budgeting
Resolution 4-18 - Pharmaceutical Advertising in Electronic Health Record Systems
Resolution 5-18 - Opposing NCOIL Attempts to Stop Physician Dispensing
Resolution 6-18 - Emerging Technologies (Robotics and AI) in Medical School Education
Resolution 7-18 - Expanding On-Site Physician Home Health Care to Low-Income Families and the Chronically Ill
Resolution 8-18 - Warning Labels for Children's Digital and Video Games
Resolution 9-18 - Adopting Principles Addressing "Burnout" Among Physicians
Resolution 10-18 - The Inclusion of Questions on Eating Disorders in National and State Youth Risk Assessment Tools
Resolution 11-18 - Nuclear War
Resolution 13-18 - LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Sex Education Alongside Heterosexual Sex Education
Resolution 14-18 - Decrease Adolescent Mortality Through More Comprehensive Graduated Driver Licensing Programs
Resolution 15-18 - Development of MedChi Task Force Related to Gun Violence Prevention
Resolution 16-18 - Lifting the Ban on Gun Violence Research & Related AMA Strategies
Resolution 17-18 - Support Gun Buyback Programs in Order to Reduce the Number of Circulating Unwanted Firearms
Resolution 18-18 - Increasing the Legal Age for Purchasing Ammunition and Firearms from 18 to 21
Resolution 20-18 - Supporting Appropriate Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Recommendation Guidelines
Resolution 21-18 - Requirements for Globally Budgeted Facilities

Resolutions Not Adopted by the House of Delegates

Resolution 2-18 - Use of Live Animals in Residency Training Programs was not adopted.
Resolution 12-18 - Limiting the Use of Restrictive Housing in Adult Correctional Facilities was not adopted.

Resolutions Not Considered by the House of Delegates

Resolution 19-18 - Oppose Legislation in Support of Increasing Firearm Use in Schools was not considered by the House due to lack of quorum.
Resolution 22-19 - Medicaid Prescription Drug Coverage - Non-participating Provider was not considered by the House due to lack of quorum.


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