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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Elenchos Health

About Elenchos Health
Elenchos Health is a national care management organization that puts a key focus on behavioral health as the foundation of outcomes-based care management.  As an organization that works with physician practices, health systems, ACOs, IPAs, and payors, Elenchos Health has delivered on clinical outcomes, including 30 day readmission reduction, improved medication adherence, and significantly higher compliance with preventative health screenings.

Elenchos Health & MedChi Collaboration
MedChi’s mission to enhance the physician-patient relationship is incredibly important.  Elenchos Health shares that same mission.  Through it’s extensive behavioral health and care coordination programs, Elenchos Health has been able to successfully impact patient lives across the country, by providing physicians with tools and technology to enhance the delivery of patient care.  Elenchos Health is proud to collaborate with MedChi as we work together to strengthen the delivery of healthcare in the state of Maryland.

The Elenchos Health Care Management Program
Elenchos provides a completely end-to-end chronic care management solution designed specifically to improve patient outcomes and incentivize physicians seamlessly.  Our patients are 3x more compliant in receiving vaccinations and preventative care screenings.  In addition, our patients have experienced a 60% decrease in ER visits and hospitalizations.  Our program has also improved medication adherence of CCM enrolled patients by 86%.

Patients with chronic diseases often have concomitant behavioral health issues.  At Elenchos, we realize that a patient with a chronic physical illness is not going to follow his/her treatment plan if there is underlying and non-addressed depression or anxiety present.  By implementing a holistic approach by addressing the behavioral health needs of every patient first and foremost, our patients become more engaged in their care resulting in a patient adherent to their medical treatment plan.

The Elenchos Health Behavioral Health Platform

Behavioral health screenings are becoming an imperative part of patient care.  Paper-based assessments have been around for decades, yet very few physicians perform the assessments because of the time needed to select the correct screening based on patient-specific parameters, difficult coding requirements for reimbursement, and patient stigma around behavioral health.  These assessments not only provide insight to a physician on the behavioral health status of a patient, but also are directly tied to reimbursement and practice revenue.


The Elenchos BHP is a cloud-based behavioral e-screening, desktop and tablet-based application that is designed to be placed in a practice’s waiting room.  Loaded with standardized behavioral health assessments, the platform’s algorithms do everything for the practice, from identifying which patients should receive what screening by factoring in patient demographics, ICD-10, patient insurance, and medication history.  The platform flags the reports that are positive with advice and guidelines on next steps for providers.  Practice managers and billers can even generate real-time billing reports that ties each screening to a corresponding CPT code to streamline the billing process for the screenings.