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Monday, September 27, 2021
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2018 House Bills

Below is a list of bills considered by MedChi's Legislative Committee during the 2018 legislative session.  Full text and status of each bill is available by clicking on the bill number listed in the following chart. (You will need to be able to view RTF documents.)  

Contact MedChi's Annapolis Office for more information.

Last Updated:  Final

MDH Medical Care Programs Administration - Budget Hearing - House Appropriations Committee - Subcommittee on Health and Social Services

Bill# Title MedChi Position Outcome 
HB 88 Public Health - Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Revisions Oppose  
HB 116 Pesticides - use of Chlorpyrifos - Prohibition  Support  
HB 135  Health Insurance - Coverage for Male Sterilization - High-Deductible Health Plans Support   
HB 293  Vehicle Laws - Mopeds and Motor Scooters - Protective Headgear Oppose   
HB 304  Environment – Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing – Elevated Blood Lead Levels Support   
HB 326  Public Health - Overdose and Infectious Disease Prevention Supervised Drug Consumption Facility Program Support   
HB 393  Elementary School Students - Daily Physical Activity (Student Health and Fitness Act) Support   
HB 427  Public Schools - Student Sunscreen Use - Policy Support   
HB 432  Public Safety - Maryland Violence Intervention and Prevention Program Fund - Establishment Support   
HB 591  Health Occupations - Physician Assistants - Dispensing of Drugs Under a Delegation Agreement Support   
HB 600  Child Abuse and Neglect - Training Oppose   
HB 681  Medical Laboratories - Advertising or Solicitation of Business - Repeal of Prohibition Oppose   
HB 718  Insurance Law - Application to Direct Primary Care Agreements  - Exclusion Support   
HB 726  Maryland Department on Health - Basic Health Program - Implementation No Formal Position   
HB 771  Public Health – Opioid Overdoses – Prohibition and Rehabilitation Order Oppose   
HB 780  Insurance - Contraceptive Coverage - Consumer Information Support   
HB 786  Correctional Services - Restrictive Housing - Limitations Support   
HB 787  Correctional Facilities - Pregnant Inmates - Medical Care Support   
HB 797  Correctional Services - Inmates - Menstrual Hygiene Products Support   
HB 799  Criminal Procedure - Medical Emergency - Immunity Support   
HB 857  Health Occupations – Physicians – Specialty Certifications Support with Amendments   
HB 909  Maryland No-Fault Birth Injury Fund Support   
HB 922  Maryland Department of Health “Pill Mill” Tip Line Support   
HB 953  Tobacco Products – Minimum Age and Civil Fines Support   
HB 994  Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Family Planning Services Support   
HB 1038  Health Insurance – Health Benefit Plans – Special Enrollment Period for Pregnancy Support   
HB 1070  Health Insurance – Retroactive Denial of Reimbursement to Health Care Providers Support with Amendments   
HB 1092 Behavioral Health Crisis Response Grant Program – Establishment Support   
HB 1110  Public Schools – Health and Safety Guidelines and Procedures – Digital Devices Support   
HB 1132  Health Insurance – Access to Local Health Departments Support   
HB 1164  Vehicle Laws – Rear-Facing Child Safety Seats – Requirement Support Only if Amended   
HB 1167  Protect Maryland Health Care Act of 2018 No Formal Position   
HB 1194  Health-Drug Cost Review Commission Letter of Information   
HB 1224  Ending Youth Homelessness Act of 2018 Support   
HB 1266  Health Occupations - Treatment of Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Diseases - Disciplinary Actions Oppose   
HB 1271  Family Law - Opioid-Exposed Newborns and Parents Addicted to Opioids - Mobile Application (I'm Alive Today App) Oppose   
HB 1283  Health Insurance – Prescription Contraceptives – Coverage for Single Dispensing Support   
HB 1312  Health Insurance - Medicaid Buy-In Task Force Support   
HB 1467  Public Health - Sepsis Public Awareness Campaign Workshop Support   
HB 1518  Public Health - Maternal Mortality Review Committee Support with Amendment   
HB 1555  Interception of Oral Communications - Medical Information - One-Party Consent Oppose   
HB 1650  Maryland Department of Health - Maryland Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Grant Program Support   
HB 1652  Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Telemedicine – Assertive Community Treatment and Mobile Treatment Services Support with Amendment   
HB 1685  Maryland Prenatal and Infant Care Coordination Services Grant Program Fund (Thrive by Three Fund) Support   
HB 1716  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – Prescription Monitoring Data – Insurance Carriers Oppose   
HB 1744  Child Abuse and Neglect - Substance-Exposed Newborns - Reporting Support   
House Joint Resolution 10  Decreasing Surgical Births Oppose   
House Joint Resolution 12  Presidential Authority Over the Use of Nuclear Weapons Support