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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Tuesday Updates

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A reminder to complete the Participation Agreement for 2020

The second program year of the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) will begin January 1, 2020. Continued participation in the MDPCP for 2020 is contingent upon execution and submission of the 2020 Practice Participation Agreement to CMS no later than Monday, December 2, 2019.

 Execute and submit the attached Practice Participation Agreement no later than Monday, December 2, 2019.

  • Please follow the attached instructions carefully in order to successfully execute and submit your MDPCP Practice Participation Agreement to MarylandModel@cms.hhs.gov

Please Note:

  • Every practice, regardless of their planned 2020 CTO participation MUST complete this Participation Agreement.
  • The attached instructions give very specific details regarding what needs to be completed on which pages of the agreement. After completion, the ENTIRE document must be returned, not just the specified pages.

 Attachments included in email:

 Please send questions to MarylandModel@cms.hhs.gov.


Wednesday, October 22nd


1. We have created a Lyft Business healthcare account for all of the practices in our CTO. The uniqueness of this account is the ability to have multiple staff members request rides under one account as well as schedule rides up to 7 days in advance. This is all done through the concierge portal, specific to Lyft Business accounts. 

  • The Details:

The CTO decided to partner with Lyft in an effort to reduce the amount of missed appointments due to lack of patient transportation. Creating a Lyft Business account allows you and your staff to set up appointments for riders and track their progress all in real time. The main point of contact (physician) for each practice will be set up as the Admin of the account.

  • Payment:

Your practice MUST provide a credit card for your branch in order to get your Lyft account created. The credit card will be billed per ride requested by your practice. If the CTO account as a whole reaches a $5,000 monthly total, we can choose monthly billing instead. 

  • CTO Support:

To support your practice, the CTO will reimburse practices 25% of your MDPCP patient monthly Lyft bill.  

  • Next Steps:

Andrea has all the details on how to access your individual accounts, so please contact her to get this up and running for your practice. amullin@medchi.org

 2. Some of you have already had the pleasure of meeting our new RN Care Manager, Cassandra Thomas. She will be reaching out to you all as soon as her schedule allows. Please feel free to contact her directly if you would like to set up a practice visit cthomas@medchi.org

 3. Please mark your calendars for our CTO meeting on November 20th at MedChi. I sent an invitation and will resend it as a reminder.

Tuesday, October 15th

1.    Quarterly Reporting

Thank you all for completing the 3rd Quarter Reporting. Please know we are happy to assist with completing the reporting, so feel free to reach out to us if you need help with the 4th Quarter Reporting.

Quarterly payments are usually deposited the 3rd week of the first month of the quarter so you should see payments sometime this week or next week.

 2.    Transition of Care Calls Pilot

We excited to announce that our Transition of Care Calls pilot is up and running . Barbie Bagtas, a representative from Caring One, will be calling patients from each practice that have been discharged from the hospital. Barbie will be assisting the patient in scheduling a follow up appointment with your practice. The scheduling will be done with a three-way call between the patient, Barbie, and your office point of contact. The goal of this program is to allow your practice to bill for Transitional Care Management (TCM).

A detailed explanation on TCM billing, a breakdown of the two CPT codes and a workflow of the pilot can be accessed HERE. We plan to continue to add practices and be fully integrated by the end of the year.


Tuesday, October 8th


Reminder – 3rd Quarter Reporting is due this Friday the 11th. If you are have any issues or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Also. As a follow up to last week’s CRISP email the below was sent by CRISP:

Thank you for utilizing CRISP Reporting Services. We would like to give our users the opportunity to give us feedback on their experience using the CRS reporting portfolio via a user engagement survey. Your feedback helps us create a better experience for you and all of our users.

Below is a survey monkey link to the aforementioned CRS user engagement survey. This concise survey is only a few questions long and should only take 5 minutes to complete fully. While simply checking the bubbles on each multiple choice response is all our team needs to gain valuable feedback, the more detailed you can be in your free responses the more impactful our team will be in making improvements to the utility, ease of use and efficiency of our reporting interface.

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CRISP_Reporting_User_Survey_2019

The survey will be open from September 30th to October 28th. Thank you in advance for your willingness to provide us with your feedback. If you have any questions or experience any errors with the survey, please contact Grace Kaeding at grace.kaeding@crisphealth.org for support. 


Tuesday, October 1st

1. Our newest CTO staff member, Cassandra Thomas, BSN, RN, CDNC has started

  • Cassandra will work directly with each practice to identify and manage your most complex risk patients
  • Cassandra has begun working with practices and will get to you all as soon as her time, and your schedules allow
  • We are so excited to have her as part of the CTO team and hope you all welcome her with open arms
  • Cassandra does not yet have a MedChi email address. We will let you know as soon as she does. In the meantime, please use the cto@medchi.org email to communicate with Cassandra

2. Making the most of CRISP resources

    • Unified Landing Page (ULP)
      • Access HIE services through the Unified Landing Page with one username and password
      • Featured Tabs
        1. Home – Patient search tool, Announcements and Updates
        2. Patient Snapshot - displays a combination of both clinical and non-clinical data for any patient searched in an at-a-glance view
        3. PROMPT - provides real-time event notifications as patients encounter a CRISP-connected hospital, skilled nursing facility, or practice
        4. Health Records - Formerly known as the CRISP Clinical Query Portal, it is designed to make clinical data easily accessible
        5. Imaging-Worklist - view multiple images from all participating sites in a single viewing session
      • Sign in HERE
      • There is a User Guide accessible on the sign in page
    • CRISP Reporting Services (CRS)
      • A single site that provides secure access to Maryland health care data and related analytics tools to assist health care organizations in improving patient care throughout the state
      • Training manual has been attached
      • A brief overview and tutorial can be found HERE


    • CRISP DIRECT Messaging
      • A secure and encrypted e-mail service that supports electronic communication between physicians, nurse  practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers
      • ENS notifications are delivered securely to providers via DIRECT email messaging

3. 3rd Quarter Reporting NOW OPEN

  • September 23rd – October 11th
  • This report is similar to Q1 reporting
  • An email was sent last week (9/24) with a thorough explanation of the reporting
  • Thank you to the four practices that have completed their reporting and three that have begun



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