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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Staffing and Recruiting Solutions

Vendor Rating: ***

Since 1989, Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions has been providing a full portfolio of specialized staffing and recruiting solutions designed to address the needs of a wide range of clients—from healthcare organizations to government contractors to small businesses and the Fortune 500.  We understand that staffing mistakes and bad hires can drastically affect your bottom line.  With a seasoned staff of HR experts and project managers dedicated to finding the best fit for an array of staffing requirements, Mary Kraft delivers customized, client-focused, flexible solutions to meet a wide range of staffing and recruitment needs.

Vendor Rating: ****

Through our Affinity Vendor, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, MedChi offers members outstanding values in medical staffing and personnel services. With preferred pricing rates for members, Favorite’s comprehensive range of staffing services can help physicians improve cost control, increase efficiency, and protect their revenue cycle. 

 Learn more by visiting Favorite’s MedChi Member Site or call 410-561-6490.