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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Operational Materials

Last Updated: 06/13/18

  • NEW - AMA's Progress Report and Template: AMA Report Shows National Progress Towards Reversing Opioid Epidemic
  • App for physicians called iPrescribe - Simple, mobile-friendly app that brings in-workflow easy access to the Maryland PDMP data through CRISP to help healthcare providers meet the upcoming mandate with the full power of e-prescribing at their fingertips — with legend drug and controlled substance prescribing, robust medication history data, and at-a-glance clinical alerts. Helps physicians with: (1) Over-Prescribing of Opioids - iPrescribe allows physicians to make more informed care decisions with in-workflow access to the patient’s opioid prescription history. (2) Time Savings – The prescribing process is three time faster using iPrescribe’s single prescribing workflow for legend drugs and controlled substances with PDMP access. (3) Compliance - iPrescribe helps providers easily adapt to and comply with evolving EPCS and PDMP requirements with its intuitive, in-workflow, streamlined process. iPrescribe will also validate with CRISP that you have complied with the Maryland PDMP mandate. (4) Patient Medication Non-Adherence - iPrescribe gives providers the ability to see patient-specific drug prices during the visit, and to share that price transparency with patients.

Watch the latest press coverage from WBAL discussing iPrescribe by clicking here